Senior Yoga Teacher

Justine is registered as a Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals , the highest level of accreditation, and has 17 years of dedicated practice and eight years full time teaching experience. She trained at triyoga in London, a leading centre of excellence, later working there as an assistant on the teacher training. She completed restorative yoga teacher training in 2011 and meditation immersive study in 2015 and 2016, taking regular weeklong meditation retreats. She continues to study and practice with her mentors from triyoga, Anna Ashby and Joey Miles. For the last eight years she has been teaching yoga and meditation full time, logging over 2500 hours teaching, including group classes, workshops and retreats, in Sussex, London and internationally. She is dedicated to sharing the transformational practices of yoga in an enjoyable, supportive and accessible way.

Key Trainings

  • 200-hour British Wheel of Yoga accredited yoga teacher training at triyoga in London 2007-2009, , graduating with distinction, with Anna Ashby, Joey Miles, Carlos Pomeda and Chris Swain. Later assisting on the 2009-11 teacher training.

    Restorative yoga teacher training 2011 with Anna Ashby.
  • Meditation teacher training with Sally Kempton in 2015, with Michael Stone in 2016.

    Regular CPD teacher intensives and workshops 2007-2017 with many experienced teachers, including: Doug Keller, Alaric Newcombe, Jason Crandell, Bo Forbes, Andrea Markham.
  • Other Qualifications – BA (Hons) Oxon, Japanese, MA London (SOAS). Worked in Japanese related jobs in the public, private and voluntary sector until 2007.
Justine Holding a Yoga Class

Cultivating a Sustainable Yoga Practice
as Part of Everyday Life

I teach with a focus on exploring a broad variety of movement with breath awareness, to awaken the physical body and cultivate mindful presence. In other words, rather than simply lead a class through a sequence of poses, I guide students to find confidence in developing range of movement (mobility) and strength (stability), in both in yoga poses and simple functional movements.

I aim for students to take away an understanding of movement principles and to develop body awareness so that they are able to explore yoga poses and enjoy moving on their own, safely and confidently in a progressive way, suited to their individual needs. My classes are a balance between mindfully flowing through poses and also selectively focusing on specific actions, experimenting and breaking down movements to integrate deeper body understanding.

Time to be quiet and still and cultivate a natural relaxed breath are a part of every class. I emphasise cultivating our ability to feel and listen to our bodies so our movement and yoga practice is guided by being present in our bodies and our breath rather than being purely directed from our minds and will; so fully experiencing and responding to what is, rather than to what we think we should be doing or want to be doing.

I do my best to create a supportive and focused space where students can enjoy exploring their bodies, where everyone benefits from a positive and friendly group energy. I want students to not just come along to a class once a week and follow instructions. I feel it will offer most benefit when students know how to make it their own, and access all the grounding, cultivation of equanimity, perspective and sense of wider connection that regular practice offers.

Students tell me that they experience benefits like gradual improvement in physical ease, strength and mobility, more reliable energy levels, a greater ability to relax deeply, sleep well, and to access emotional steadiness. I aim for my students to leave class feeling quietly energised, centred and joyful.

Yoga Classes, Workshops & Retreats in Sussex.

Covering Hassocks, Hurstpierpoint, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Lewes and Brighton.