Hello, I’m Justine (she/her), thank you for stopping by!

I’m a yoga teacher based in Hassocks, teaching in small towns north of Brighton. I run my own drop-in group classes and workshops, for a mainly regular community of students, with newcomers always welcome! You can try a free first class.

 I run day and weekend retreats here in the beautiful South Downs and also teach with Brighton Yoga Foundation and other local community based organisations. I also have online yoga classes and courses for both beginners and more experienced.

Movement | Breathwork | Relaxation | Mindfulness

In my classes, workshops and retreats, I blend 20 years of yoga experience with functional movement from my training as a Mobility Specialist (FRCms), to offer you a sustainable, enjoyable movement practice. I emphasise how taking charge of developing your movement capacity is empowering and fun! Just start where you are…

As well as developing good movement and body awareness, we integrate breathwork (simple breathing exercises) for healthy breathing and nervous system regulation, explore relaxation techniques, and take time for deep rest. Longer sessions also include accessible mindfulness-based meditation practices. Read more about my training

My classes support you to:

Move better than you ever thought possible, to consistently feel more comfortable and well in your body.

Explore and understand how we are designed to move and breathe, so you feel both supported and in charge of how you are developing your movement and wellbeing.

Cultivate kindness and care for your body and yourself.

Build valuable space in your routine to slow down and deeply rest from the challenges of life.

Be part of a community of open-minded body+mind explorers.

I feel yoga supports us to be strong and well, more connected to ourselves and others, and to take our place in our complex world with greater ease and skill. More than ever, we need to create yoga spaces for self-enquiry, compassion and inclusive, diverse community.  

Justine Holding a Yoga Class

“I started out teaching myself yoga for some years, often wondering if I was ‘doing it right’,  but at the same time discovering a sense of self confidence and enjoyment in moving with quiet attention. I felt physically so much better, and also discovered this feeling of coming home to myself, of trusting I could access calm and clarity within. This is why I most enjoy sharing the skills I’ve learnt with people who might come along with less confidence in their body and movement – It’s a joy to observe them making yoga their own rewarding practice. 

Teaching Code of Ethics
My Teaching Approach

Other yoga things I do:

Brighton Yoga Foundation

I teach regular community outreach classes as part of the Brighton Yoga Foundation teaching team. I’m also part of their teachers’ group for peer support and continuing education.


I’ve been a yoga teacher/ mentor for IBME UK since 2016. This is an accessible mindfulness education organisation for young people in the UK. I’m also part of the mentor peer support and continuing education group.

Yoga Alliance Professionals

I’m a registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals with 20 years of dedicated yoga practice and over a decade of full-time teaching experience.

What to Expect in my Classes

  1. It is a quiet space. I don’t play music or use incense.
  1. I ask and wait for permission before making any hands-on assists. I might make individual suggestions to students who have been coming to class regularly and who I have talked to individually about their yoga practice.
  1. I don’t instruct you how to move, I invite you to explore different movement options, Pausing/resting is always an option at any time.
  1. We generally move at a slow-ish and steady pace, and you are welcome where appropriate to vary (increase or decrease) the pace and intensity of physical effort. This is up to your discernment and self-enquiry. I am not here to push or nanny you, just to encourage and support.
  1. We focus inwardly but there are also moments where you could choose to share and connect with the class. For example, someone might make a comment, or I might ask how everyone found a movement, and we have a brief chat, often a laugh. You can stay in your zone, or join in if you like. I aim for some element of two-way communication, rather than all one-way talking from me.
  1. I am available at the beginning and end of class for around 10 mins to chat. I welcome feedback. I especially appreciate feedback if you are not comfortable in class for any reason, or something hasn’t worked well for you, and I will address that as I can.
I dipped in and out of yoga for years and never really “got it” until I came along to Justine’s classes. A great relaxed teaching style that instantly puts you at ease and inspires you to want to achieve more from your yoga.
Angie Filardo , Sussex

” What I connect most with is Justine’s passion for yoga and her focus to detail. She has an amazing energy and manages to give each student attention in class. Her sense of humour and lightheartedness make my practice feel more self-nurturing and enjoyable.

Vandana Mendonca

” I love Justine’s classes and I’ve learned more from her than anyone about getting the most out of my yoga practice.  .She has a personable and supportive manner that makes everyone in the class feel welcome.  Her classes are great.

Dianne Frank

Justine’s class is always a highlight of my week. Her caring and humorous teaching style have made learning and practising yoga an easy and fun experience for me.

David Antal
In my 10 years of yoga practice I met just very few teachers who focus on alignment so much and still have flow and fun in their classes. Justine’s classes are always well structured and she consistently looks after her students. She has taught me so many things I can use and work on in my own practice.

Anina Krishnan

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