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A Self Manual Release and Movement Workshop with guest teacher Drew Hume!

Your shoulders and neck accumulate tension. A combination of sitting for long periods, working in front of screens, and not much time spent climbing things have made the perfect recipe for shoulder and neck stuff. Almost everyone deals with this.

There’s a recipe I use when this happens, and I’ll take you through it:

  1. Manual release first

  2. Movement isolation second

  3. Movement integration third

This recipe holds true for so many situations of aches and pains. The way we’ll apply it in this workshop is to apply some targeted manual release to the shoulders, upper back and the upper parts of the neck with some manual release balls.

After that we get moving. We’ll zoom in on some movements you’ll probably find really challenging – the isolation of some scapulocostal movements (elevation, depression, retraction and protraction). We’ll do that in various different positions and with various loads. That will be followed up by some neck movements that you’ll develop a love-hate relationship with.

Then we put that into larger use with some bigger movements and some of the yoga-type shapes you’re familiar with already.

At the end, your shoulders and neck will likely feel “well used” AND much freer.

This is the type of thing that will stave off the general aches and pains for the shoulders and neck, and take care of those tension headaches.

The variety of moves will make sure time flies by, as you explore your body in detail.

If you move your neck and shoulders right now and they feel restricted or sore, I’ll look forward to seeing you in the workshop and sharing the ingredients of the recipe with you.

A  bit about me (from Drew!)

I don’t love bio’s I think they’re a bit weird, but in any case it can be a way to get a better idea of who you’re taking the plunge with for this workshop. The things I spend most of my time on are focused on teaching people how to get their body to feel better, and how to help others do the same. I’m technically a Human Biologist, and I use that fancy info I learned at Uni to inform how I teach movement classes and my manual therapy courses. I started a school for Thai-inspired manual therapy called Navina and I travel around teaching new practitioners more about the body and how to search for all the sore bits to help them leave. I hope we get to work together and I hope that some of the nuggets of information in my brain are super helpful to you.

If you have questions, please get in touch : )

16 places. Booking open now!



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