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A morning of  gentle yoga, breathing focus, guided relaxation and meditation.

We will explore how a varied yoga practice can help to relieve stress and tension and make room for the emergence of fresh energy, a sense of  inner equilibrium and positive renewal.

Let’s consciously take rest from the ‘getting through’ effort, worries and stresses that may have been a part of the last few months, and welcome a new phase as we begin to emerge into a warmer, lighter season.

An hour-long yoga class is inevitably skewed to the physical practice of movement and cultivating health in our bodies. Here we can spend more time exploring how breathwork and conscious gradual relaxation and mindfulness can shift us from the busy head, which deals with worry and problem solving, to the wisdom of the body, which can give us access to calm and trust.

This workshop  is open to everyone, and I hope will offer something both for people who attend slower-paced classes and dynamic classes.
For the dynamic folks, please note that this workshop is less physically energetic than in our weekly classes, instead we will spend more time on the subtle energetic body, so I hope this offers a beneficial change of focus.


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