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The Smart Cookie’s Roadmap to Inversions 

Exploring handstands, forearm balance and headstand

Inversions are iconic yoga poses and if you’ve been doing yoga for a while you’ve probably either had a go and are ready to learn more, are keen but wondering how to get started, or maybe you’re thinking, I’m not actually sure, they looks pretty scary!

I start with, well, WHY would we want to do inversions anyway?

Here’s the thing – inversions require:

  • Shoulder mobility
  • Shoulder strength
  • Core strength/stability
  • Pelvis and hip control 
  • Flexibility through your back and back of your legs

AND the ability to to coordinate some specifics in all of the above at the same time. That’s why they are challenging poses! 

Each of these components are great skills to practice for healthy easeful movement for life. 

The PROCESS of practising these targeted movements and putting them together in gradual methodical steps towards inversion poses is really where the yoga is at, rather than any final pose or shape.

In this workshop we will practice all of these movement components and then explore a variety of ways to coordinate them into the inversion poses. There will be gradual stages and stopping points towards the final poses so you can explore your current capacity with my support.  

So even if you’re not sure if you’re ready for the final poses yet, you can get a lot out of the journey towards them. You can enjoy exploring how your body is designed to move and improving your capacity, you can work with the life skills of focused attention, patience, noticing things like fear,  frustration and excitement arise and meeting these states with a steady equilibrium. 

To progressively practice towards the complex inversion poses in a way which is long term healthy for your body requires a willingness to experiment, work in skilful steps, and a sense of playfulness is the magic ingredient!

Practising inversions gives us all kinds of opportunities for fun exploration together.

Limited to 10 places.

If you have never been to one of my classes or workshops before, please get in touch before you sign up.

This is the first of the Autumn Workshop Series 2021, designed to upgrade your yoga practice with more in-depth learning which we will build through the series. You can book for a single workshop as a stand alone event as well.

To book all 4 Autumn Workshops with the discounted cost (£40 each, total £160)

To book for this Inversion Workshop only £45

Please note: a booked place is non-refundable unless I fill the space from a waiting list. If I fill the space, I will refund you minus a £5 admin fee.



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