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 Connecting Breathing to Shoulder Mobility & Core Strength

A yoga workshop focusing on how you can breathe better, release tension in your neck and shoulders, and feel stronger and more supported by your core.   

 Most of us have some degree of restriction in our breathing patterns which has knock on effects on our posture and movement. 

We will explore how breathing habits impact: 

  • shoulder range of motion
  • shoulder and neck tension versus ease 
  • our ability to access core strength in a range of movements.

To improve our breathing patterns, we first need a solid understanding of how we are designed to breathe. From there we practice to create the shape change for more optimal breathing and apply this to movement.

Similarly, building core strength is less about doing sets of repetitive exercises and more a dynamic responsiveness in movement, with the breath as the foundation.

We will weave applied anatomy, breath practices and yoga pose flows into an exploratory movement practice.

This is a more dynamic style workshop but would be good for those who come to Slower-Paced classes and are happy to try some   challenge and pace themselves. 

 Limited to 14 places.

If you have never been to one of my classes or workshops before, please get in touch before you sign up.

Please note: a booked place is non-refundable unless I fill the space from a waiting list. If I fill the space, I will refund you.


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