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This course is for you if:

  • you’re a relative newbie to yoga and want to learn from the foundations.  
  • you have been doing some yoga, maybe online, and now want to be sure you’re getting the fundamentals right.
  • you are returning to yoga after a long break.
  • you are returning to physical activity after injury/ rehab and want to take it slowly with guidance.
  • You’ve done Yoga Fundamentals Part 1 and want to reinforce your practice and take it further.
  • In Part 2 we will review some fundamentals in more detail. In particular, accessing and strengthening the core, developing balance, and deepening understanding of some of the yoga poses.



Justine Rowan Yoga

Six Week Yoga Fundamentals Course PART 2

This course gives you the lifelong skills and confidence to do some yoga on your own or to start going to yoga classes. 

It offers a lot more than just 6 yoga classes strung together. We start with movement principles, so rather than just learning particular shapes and poses, you’re gaining the skills to connect to your body and progress your movement capacity and support your health long term. The classes are supplemented with learning materials to take your yoga beyond 6 weeks.


You need to be able to get up and down from the floor to standing without support, being able to put some weight on your knees and hands/wrists is helpful, feeling stiff and inflexible, with mild ongoing physical niggles is fine! That is what we are working with. Please contact me if you’re not sure, the  pre-booking health questionnaire will help me check whether the course is right for you.



We will cover the fundamentals of about 20 yoga poses, as well as some targeted mobility exercises. We start with simple movements and progressively build to improve your flexibility, strength and coordination. In addition we practice simple healthy breathing exercises, and explore relaxation and calming techniques. Every session ends with a few minutes of rest. : ) 

The class is small, maximum 12, so that I can offer you step-by-step support and guidance, with plenty of options, so that you feel confident to do all the movements in a way which feels most useful for your body. Because we work with progressive options, you won’t feel out of your depth at any point, you will quickly feel competent and enjoy the learning curve!



After this course

  1. You will be confident to roll out your mat at home and do 20 mins or more of yoga on your own- no need for a video or notes!
  2. You will have MUCH more understanding of how your body is designed to move (including breathing mechanics)  and how to enjoy developing your movement skills.
  3. You will feel an ongoing improvement in your flexibility, strength, coordination and balance, and healthier breathing patterns. Overall more energetic and easeful in your body.
  4. You will experience how a short yoga sequence can make you feel both energised and calm, and how to tune into your energetic needs, to slow down and relax when needed.
  5. You will cultivate a positive relationship with your body and more awareness of the connection between your physical, emotional and mental states.



The course consists of

  •  A weekly 50 minute group class. Mondays 6:20-7:20pm, (please note the new time compared to Part 1) Profiles Studio, Hassocks.
  • The Course starts on Monday 9th May, no class on Monday 30th May, last class on Monday 20th June.
  • Videos and handouts to support a recommended weekly home practice of 20 mins x 2 per week. These resources are yours to keep.
  • Access to my support via email throughout the course for any questions or issues that come up, including extra videos and notes for personalised modifications. 



I you completed Part 1, please complete payment below. If you are new to a Fundamentals Course with me,  the first step is to fill in the health questionnaire. This course is suitable if you have ongoing mild physical issues, such as non-specific low back pain,  or recovering injuries out of the acute phase and with the go ahead from a physiotherapist or GP. Once I have checked your health questionnaire, I will email to invite you to pay and confirm your place on the course.

Click on this link below:


Once the health questionnaire is completed and you have received a confirmation email from me, please come back here and complete payment below. I will send you a link  to payment in your place confirmation email.


Hello, I’m Justine (she/her)

Thank you for checking out my Yoga Fundamentals course! 

Please do give me a call or send me a message if you want to discuss your situation or have any questions. I will help you decide if this course is for you.

I’ve been teaching yoga to beginners for 14 years and am passionate about sharing movement and wellbeing skills in a way which feels enjoyable and manageable, whatever your starting point. 

I see the popular but false perception of yoga as a thing for ‘bendy types’. I understand that trying something new as an adult can feel daunting, especially if you’re feeling stiff or out of shape, or even when you are already skilled at other physical activities. 

I started yoga in my late twenties, feeling weak and unfit, struggling with low energy and anxiety. Yoga has been a transformative and practical support in my everyday life for over 20 years, for both physical health, and overall wellbeing. I love how it’s something so simple that I can do on my own anytime, in my own way, no special gear or set up needed.

These skills are easy to learn with a little consistent practice. I aim to make it straightforward and fun for you!

In my classes you will feel in charge of your own learning. I support you to enjoy exploring your movement and physical capabilities with plenty of options. You will gradually build both your capacity and confidence, feeling more connected to your body and yourself. People tell me my classes offer a satisfying challenge, but are also relaxed and fun! 

There’s nothing better than surprising yourself with what you can do, feeling good in your body, and knowing you can easily access these tools to feel really well in your everyday life. 


Feedback from previous beginner students

Thank you for your holistic approach with exceptional individual attention. Clear instructions, step by step – nothing rushed! Yoga has done an amazing job of improving my wrist problems. From the first session improvement was evident. I’d highly recommend it.”


I really didn’t expect to change so much with just a weekly class. I feel noticeably more flexible, but also stronger, and more positive about myself. I love that each session includes relaxation and quiet. My stress levels have definitely dropped. It  sets me up for my week, and I wouldn’t miss it now!” 


I came to this course as a total yoga novice and now feel able to join in classes and workshops. It’s been a joy.


Justine is fantastic at making you feel comfortable with what your own body can do, focusing on a yoga practice tailored to your own needs.


Each person feels that what they are doing is under generous scrutiny – with no threat.  Loved the range of poses from simple to complex, giving interest and variety.”


I liked how we slowly increased the complexity of the postures as confidence grew. The class is something I look forward to every week!



Course Terms

Please note: Once you have paid and your place is confirmed, there are no refunds unless I fill the place by the first week. 

Justine Rowan Yoga

Six Week Yoga Fundamentals Course PART 2

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