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Nail Your Standing Poses

Standing poses, like Warrior 1 and 2, are some of the first poses we learn and feel familiar with when we start yoga. 

But…after a while, you can end up on autopilot as you flow through the usual standing poses. You might be familiar with the shapes, but not so clear on what you’re trying to coordinate in order to feel the full benefit from them. Your body often finds the easiest, not necessarily the most efficient or balanced way to do them.

So how do you really make the most of these poses, to feel they are helping you  to get stronger, gain mobility and develop your movement skills? How do you understand what to work on, and which variations serve you best? How do you tap into the grounding energetics they offer?

In this workshop we will learn a framework for understanding the categories of standing poses. We will break down how your body is designed to move in them and what is required to train specific ‘prerequisite’ movements, like external hip rotation in Warrior 2, for example.

You will gain confidence in how to prepare your body for particular poses, understand which ones work well together, and feel a more powerful sense of progress and aliveness in them.  

From there your standing flow sequences will feel purposeful, and much more satisfying. 


Extra Bonus: This workshop comes with a handy practice sheet and two videos, so you have a visual of all the standing pose groupings and how they can be sequenced together. It also includes the best prep moves to explore and ‘train’ prerequisite actions.

 Limited to 10 places.

If you have never been to one of my classes or workshops before, please get in touch before you sign up.

Please note: a booked place is non-refundable unless I fill the space from a waiting list. If I fill the space, I will refund you.


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