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Bend over Backwards

Spinal Extension & Hip Extension are Movement Life Skills


The components of backbends include some fantastic movement skills we all benefit from developing:


  • Spinal extension
  • Hip extension 
  • Posterior chain strength (glutes and hamstring) 
  • Upper back (all the back body!) strengthening and mobility, 
  • Lengthening and strengthening the front,  i.e. abdominals and chest. 

These are super helpful movement skills, as our everyday movements favour the opposite  – rounding forward (flexion) and legs forward in sitting (hip flexion).

Building a strong backside, back muscles, and feeling the openness of the front body increases our sense of vigour, energy and capacity for our life. 

We will also be looking at creating HEAT in the body through yoga, through movement and two breathing techniques, as a way to maintain health and vitality through winter. In this workshop,


  • You will experience the warmth, vigour and energising effect that backbends can create – both gently and more dynamically.
  • You will learn to create strength and ease in backbend poses in a progressive, sustainable way.
  • You will learn more about specific movement skills,  (eg. what is hip extension??) developing your understanding of your body in an experiential way. 

I hope you can join me!


 Limited to 10 places.

If you have never been to one of my classes or workshops before, please get in touch before you sign up.

Please note: a booked place is non-refundable unless I fill the space from a waiting list. If I fill the space, I will refund you. 


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