How to Book Your Yoga Class


How to book a block of classes with a Class Pass

  1. To book your block of classes with a Class Pass, first click on PASSES at the top of the Schedule.

2. SELECT the Class Pass you want to buy, it will then prompt you to SELECT TICKET. This takes you back to the schedule to choose AT LEAST one of the class dates out of the 5x, 6x or 10x that you are buying with your Class Pass. You can go back at any time to choose subsequent dates, or you can choose all the dates at the time of buying the Class Pass. You must book at least one class date at  the  same  time as you buy the Class Pass.

3. Choose SELECT  for one class date with the Drop-in rate option  on the right hand side. It will have a green box under it saying that option will be ‘Included  in your pass‘, at  the discounted rate. You will not  be paying the Drop-in rate. It will be Class Pass payment at the buying point.

4. If you want to book more than one class date for your Class Pass straight away, go back to the list of classes on the left  hand side and choose another date.  Then SELECT the Drop-in option on the right hand side again. Repeat this process for as many of the classes as you want to book at  this time.

5. Finally choose VIEW SELECTIONS to complete the  booking process, paying the Class Pass fee at the end  of the booking.

NB. You do not need to book all the classes for your Class Pass in one go.  You do need to individually book for ALL the class dates  you want for the number of classes in your Pass, eg 5  classes, in advance. You can do this later on, after you have bought the Pass with the minimum of  one class date booked in.

To book more class dates later on, simply log in with your  email, choose a class  on the left and the Drop-in rate on the right hand side will have the ‘Included in your Pass‘ green box, SELECT that option.

If it is your first booking please complete the Health Form and read and  tick the Disclaimer section.

Please note: Class Passes are NON-REFUNDABLE and must be used within the time frame specified on the Class Pass at the time of purchase.


You can  change a class date up to 2  hours before the class start time.

To change a booking, go to  your confirmation email.  Click on the green VIEW  BOOKING  button. Click on TICKET OPTIONS. Change to the date/class you want.

To Book a Class as a One-Off Drop-In

If you are booking for the first time, start with choosing your class. You will be prompted to create a Login password at the end of your first booking, for future quicker access.

If you have booked a class before and have created a password, start with Login.

STEP 1. On the booking schedule, on the left hand side, click on the date, time and style of class you’d like to take. Your chosen class will turn into in a yellow bar and look like this:

First Free Yoga Lesson - 1

STEP 2. On the right side of the screen, click the blue SELECT  button.

STEP 3. You can repeat choosing a class date and SELECT on the Drop-in option as  many times as you like. Below that, once you have chosen all your classes, click the blue VIEW SELECTIONS button. It will look like this:

First Free Yoga Lesson - 2

STEP 4. Once you choose VIEW  SELECTIONS, it will take you to BOOK NOW. Then you will go through the booking system, adding your email, then to here:

First Free Yoga Lesson - 3

Please read the Disclaimer and tick the box (first booking only)

Please fill in the brief Health questionnaire (first booking only)

Then click continue.

STEP 5. When you are finished, you will receive a confirmation email like this below: (If it’s a zoom class you can click on View Details to get your link). You can use the VIEW BOOKING green button and then TICKET OPTIONS to change your class date up to 2 hours before the class starts.

Terms for all Class Bookings

  • You can transfer a booked class up to 2 hours before the class start time.
  • After this time the class fee is non-refundable. It is your responsibility to transfer your class on the booking system. If you need help with this, please get in touch.
  • With a Class Pass you can book any classes  EXCEPT FOR Tuesday Zoom Class. 
  • The Pass must be used within the time frame specified on the Class Pass at the  time of booking.

To Transfer a Booked Class

If you need to transfer any class you have booked, you can do so until 2 hours before the start time of the class. 

Just click on VIEW BOOKING in your confirmation email.

Then click on TICKET OPTIONS for that class, you will have the chance to transfer, putting in your revised date and time of class. Then you will receive a new confirmation email.

I dipped in and out of yoga for years and never really “got it” until I came along to Justine’s classes. A great relaxed teaching style that instantly puts you at ease and inspires you to want to achieve more from your yoga.
Angie Filardo , Sussex
In my 10 years of yoga practice I met just very few teachers who focus on alignment so much and still have flow and fun in their classes. Justine’s classes are always well structured and she consistently looks after her students. She has taught me so many things I can use and work on in my own practice.

Anina Krishnan

” What I connect most with is Justine’s passion for yoga and her focus to detail. She has an amazing energy and manages to give each student attention in class. Her sense of humour and lightheartedness make my practice feel more self-nurturing and enjoyable.

Vandana Mendonca

Justine’s class is always a highlight of my week. Her caring and humorous teaching style have made learning and practising yoga an easy and fun experience for me.

David Antal

” I love Justine’s classes and I’ve learned more from her than anyone about getting the most out of my yoga practice.  .She has a personable and supportive manner that makes everyone in the class feel welcome.  Her classes are great.

Dianne Frank

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