If you’re new to yoga here are some useful resources for you. Including: what to know before your first class, a 45 minute beginners class to try out some starter moves, and some top tips.

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Everything You Need to Know
Before You Go to Your First Class:

Wear anything comfortable and a bit stretchy that is easy to move around in, like leggings, tracksuit bottoms or sports shorts. Vest or t-shirt, sports top, sweatshirt, you might prefer a top that doesn’t rise up when you bend forward. We do yoga in bare feet, unless you have a reason to keep socks on.

  • You will probably be more comfortable eating an hour or two before class, so your stomach is more on the empty side.
  • As it is physical activity, it is a good idea to have some water about 20 mins before class and after. We don’t tend to drink during class but of course you can if you want to.
  • If it’s your first class with me, please arrive a few minutes early so I can say hello!
  • Please take off your shoes by the door and come into the class quietly. Please roll your mat out quietly- it makes a loud bang if you just drop it down to unroll it.
  • If you are early, enjoy a few minutes sitting or lying down on your mat and rest : ) If you are chatting, please do so quietly.
  • Feel free to ask questions during class. I do my best but sometimes I say things wrong or I’m not clear, so thank you for asking.
  • If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask after class or you can email me. I always wait for questions and comments at the end of class and really encourage you to do so. It’s such a helpful part of learning, for students and for me.
  • Feel absolutely free to pace yourself in class. It is a good idea to pause and rest every so often when you are starting out. Sometimes it is helpful to just watch for a minute.
  • Just start where you are. You can’t be bad at yoga : ) It is not about being flexible or super fit. It is about exploring and working with your own body’s current needs, challenges and potential. Our goal is developing body+mind awareness through the medium of movement and breath focus. I offer various options so that you always have an accessible starting point.
  • As you move in new ways, you might feel stiffness or soreness the next day as your tissues adapt. You could try a hot shower or bath and then do some gentle movement.
  • It’s great for learning if you have a go at a few moves the day after your class, anything you can remember is great.

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5 Tips for Starting Yoga

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For someone who started yoga to improve fitness for other sports, Justine has converted me to a yogi – the classes have been enjoyable and educational, a regular highlight of my week. I leave class feeling more grounded and energized.  Justine displays the spirit of yoga with ease
Susannah Shelley, Beginners class - Abu Dhabi
Justine’s yoga classes are instructive, relaxing, and fun. Her knowledge of yoga and her attention to each student has kept me coming back
Patrick Donath, Beginners Class - Abu Dhabi

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