My Teaching Code of Ethics

1. To share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with students to inspire them to explore the practices of yoga.

2. To create and hold a safe and supportive space for students to develop and explore the practice of yoga.

3. To hold and promote an environment of mutual respect and confidentiality of the classroom setting.

4.To ensure the class atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and is inclusive for everyone in all our diversity.

5. To ensure students feel encouraged but never pressured to do anything beyond their current willingness and to be careful of and to respect personal boundaries with regards to any physical adjustments. 

6. To encourage students to ask questions and to ask for support during class or afterwards.

 7. To welcome feedback from students which will be listened to carefully and responded to.

5. To be reliable and punctual with class times, start and end, and to be prepared for all classes.

6. To develop and maintain appropriate professional working student-teacher relationships.  

7. To teach appropriately and safely for any injuries and other health issues and to advise students to seek professional advice where appropriate.

8. To hold up-to-date and valid insurance for my students and myself and to undertake regular professional development.